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M-mode Echocardiography

The M-mode format (space/time diagram) illustrates, in a simpler form and in a still image, the systolic wall thickening. However we commonly analyze the systolic function by evaluating bidimensional movies by a refined procedure, which a great deal of experience is required, but which means vast subjective variability.

The traditional M-mode technique is not able to document the systolic thickening of every ventricular wall segment because of the inevetable restriction of the traditional M-mode cursor which is anchored to the apex of the scanning sector..

The new M-mode sampling techniques are free from the positional restrictions of the traditional form. [Unlinked M-mode, Panoramic M-mode, Anatomical M-mode, Omnidirectional M-Mode, Dynamic M-mode, Free-Angular M-mode].

These new M-mode modalities can be found in some of the recent echo equipements or they may be reproduced off line by a personal computer..

Campionamento M-mode multiplo e sincrono

Con il libero campionamento M-mode, l'impiego di cursori opportunamente configurati ed un sistema di editing delle tracce M-mode si potrebbe riassumere e documentare un intero eco-stress in una singola immagine....

By using a free M-mode sampling method, some properly shaped cursors and a system to edit the M-mode strips, you will be able to resume a whole stress echo test in a still image.

"To photograph" a dynamic process

The vendors are looking for new solutions to reduce the variability in the evaluation of the ventricular systolic function and so they introduced some quantitative or semiquantitative techniques like Color Kinesis or Strain Rate Imaging. The proposed solutions have a common feature: to resume in a single frame a dynamic process.


The wall thickening is a dynamic process and it requires a video sequence to be documented. The new techniques of quantitative analysis of the regional function illustrate a panoramic vision of the wall thickening on a still frame, by proper codes. With these techniques, a single frame documents a phenomena, it is diagnostic and includes a less degree of variability compared to the traditional visual interpretation of a video sequence. Like the previous techniques, Panoramic M-mode resumes in a still frame the thickening of the wall segments of the left ventricle.


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